What should I wear?

Please wear shorts and a short-sleeved top. Skin contact is essential in pole, and you will not be able to climb the pole without it! However, the most important thing is to wear whatever you feel comfortable in! People often wear trainers or ballet shoes to start with, but bare feet are also fine. Please don’t apply moisturisers prior to coming to pole, as this will make you (and the pole) all slippy!

I am worried that I am not co-ordinated enough/too weak/too big/too inflexible to attend classes.

Classes are very friendly and non-intimidating. All of my current students are lovely and very supportive! I have taught people of all shapes, sizes, strengths and ages. I modify moves to suit everyone’s ability, so you will always be given something challenging but achievable. Classes are scary at first, but you will get fitter, gain strength and increase your confidence by coming to class!

What is the difference between pole fitness and pole dance?

Pole Flux teaches pole fitness, as opposed to pole dance. Pole fitness involves learning ‘tricks’ on the pole, including spins, climbs and upside-down moves (inverts). It involves strength training and body conditioning, and also includes learning how to make moves look beautiful and effortless. At a pole fitness class, you can also expect to learn how to connect tricks together.  Pole dance is quite similar, but involves much more dance-type moves off of the pole, including floor work. Pole dance also teaches moves as part of a routine (choreography) and how to dance to music. It tends to have a sexier twist to it, although there are certainly more contemporary styles of pole dance emerging.

There are many different types of pole; find the one that’s most suited to you (or do a bit of each)! I find the cirque/gymnastic elements of pole to be more fun, so this is the style I teach. As a result, my classes are less dance-focused and more tricks-focused so I call what I teach pole fitness.

I have a medical condition. Can I attend classes?

Please check with your Doctor first or contact me directly by phone or email if you are unsure.

Those poles look high and I’m scared of heights.

So am I! I start off doing everything 3 inches from the ground… Seriously. I have an actual phobia of heights! If you are uncomfortable doing any moves you do not have to do them. If you want to start from the floor that’s fine (I also do this). But yes, the poles are almost 11 foot high!

Am I going to get bruises?

Yes! Wear them with pride!

I’ve done pole before. Can I come to your classes?

Yes! People of all abilities are welcome.

I am a man! Can I join in?

Yes, men are very welcome in class. I currently have a couple of male students, but I must admit you are in the minority!

I have an infrequently asked question…

Feel free to contact me! See the Contact page.