PoleFlux Founder

steph (2)

Steph has been teaching pole as a part-time hobby since 2013, when she founded PoleFlux in Central Oxford.

Steph has been doing pole for over 7 years.  She first started learning at Poletastic and Polefire in Manchester, and has carried over the same atmosphere of fun, supportiveness, and emphasis on cool tricks.



Senior PoleFlux Instructor


Korisse joined PoleFlux as a Senior Instructor in 2017. She has been teaching since 2014.

Korisse started pole in 2012 in Northampton at Pink Ladies while she was at university. When she return to Oxford she wanted to find a chilled out pole classes and found PoleFlux.

“I want somewhere fun to pole, with a great atmosphere, and friendly people.”

Impressively, Korisse is largely self-taught and has been doing pole for over 5 years.

Korisse is First Aid qualified and fully insured.

Signature Style:
Bold, daring inverts (upside down moves) and flexibility moves.  Anything that defies gravity or physics.  Korisse is the ninja of PoleFlux.

Favourite Move:
“I like it because it’s really deceptive – it looks easy but needs lots of flexibility and strength.”

Favourite Move To Teach:
“It’s a great achievement.  It was probably the proudest moment of my life when I learnt it.”

‘Must Have’ Kit:
Dry hands, resistance bands, and knee pads.

Most Likely To:
Photobomb you. Usually with outrageous and hilarious posing.

PoleFlux Instructor


Laura joined PoleFlux as an Assistant Instructor in 2013, and is a key part of the PoleFlux family.

A true pole addict, Laura is constantly practicing – even if it’s on monkey bars in the park, scaffolding, a basketball hoop, a ladder, trees…

Laura has been doing pole for over 3 years.

Signature Style:
Strong, graceful, clean lines.  Laura is the ballerina of PoleFlux – prepare to be astounded!

Favourite Move:
“It used to be my nemesis – now it’s my warm up!”

Favourite Move To Teach:
Pole handstands.
“People always think they can’t do them and they can!  It’s great seeing the expression on their faces!”

‘Must Have’ Kit:
Dry Hands, tea-towels, Deep Freeze, rehydration sachets.

Most Likely To:
Be plotting revenge against Korisse after a photobombing…

PoleFlux Adminion


Emma started learning pole at PoleFlux in 2014.

She sees PoleFlux’s supportive and fun atmosphere as the reason why she loves pole fitness.  So much so, that she’s even helping the instructor team with the admin and organisational side of PoleFlux.

Signature Style:
Flexibility, flow and freestyle.

Favourite Move:
“It feels really awesome.  I remember working on this one for ages and being so excited the first time it worked!”

Most Likely To:
Be in awe of Steph, Korisse and Laura.  Be jumping up and down with excitement.